Japanese Metal Inlay Workshop 2021

Take this amazing opportunity to learn the traditional Kaga-style inlay technique!

"Kaga" is a region in the Ishikawa Prefecture. Kaga-style inlay became a famous technique of the Kaga region. The students in this workshop will learn traditional Japanese inlay techniques used to create intricate graphic patterns of dots, lines, and shapes. The focus will be on learning to apply this decorative inlay and create a pendant applique using a Japanese alloy metal. Each pendant top will be finished with Niiro, a traditional Japanese coloring technique for metal alloy.

Desert Metal Craft This is a 3-day workshop. A set of inlay chisels making process included and fast paced workshop. Date : October 22,23 & 24 / 9-5pm Where: Desert Metal Craft

Fee: $875 Register HERE

Arizona Designer Craft & Art Date: November 13 & 14 / 9-5pm Where: Randolph Art Center Fee: $240 Register HERE

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