Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist

May/June 2020

I am very excited to announce that my artwork is on the cover of this global magazine!

You can purchase digital / printed edition now from the link below!

Lapidary Journal store page

"Essence of Japan"

This article is step-by-step process of dot inlay technique and gilding technique on front and back of a pendant top. It is a great project for a beginner and learn a simple technique of Japanese metal inlay. Also gilding technique using colorful silver leaf that only at carries!

"Cultural Fusion"

This part is about Momoko's life journey as an artist in different countries and culture. The writer, Terri, beautifully put my complicated life and wrote it very easy to follow. It also talks about Nunome Zogan history and techniques.

I hope you enjoy the article and I am looking forward to show new works!

Thank you :)

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